Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wednesday Works-in-Progress: Kid's Quilts and more Painted Fabric

Wednesday already...this will be my last blog until next week, since we are heading to the mountains for our annual Fourth of July river float with family and friends. Can't wait!
Here is a finished quilt top for a little girl. Very easy, just squares and four-patches, plus two rectangles with machine-appliqued hearts.

I like for appliques on bed quilts to have turned edges, not just fused, but I did not want to hand-applique. I turned and ironed the edges, pinned on, and machine-stitched. On one of them, I used some of my machine stitches to add decorative elements.

This one is for a little boy- frogs, fish, and construction equipment. Just blocks on the design wall. I mark the left side of the rows with numbered post-it notes to help when piecing the top.

And here is the first of the Yellow Brick Road tops to be pieced together. Soft and pretty!

Yesterday I continued to paint fabric on the porch since I had all my "stuff" downstairs.

Red and yellow Setacolors mixes

Shiva paint sticks on maroon dyed fabric. The patterned ones have the paint applied over rubbing plates.

Turquoise and green Shiva Paint stick on purple fabric.

Blue and green paints on upholstery fabric, with blue stamps.

Remember my neighbor's cat that thinks it lives at my house? Now they have a kitten that thinks he lives here. He was definitely checking out all the activity on the porch. Those are Tsukineko inks and Fantastix applicators.

I experimented with some glue resist designs. I used Elmer's gel glue, but it is the kind with glitters. It looked pretty drying in the sun!

When the glue was dry, I covered the fabric with Stewart Gill paints. The Byzantium paints have lovely bits of mica or something shiny in them. When this piece has dried for 24 hours, I will wash out the glue and see what I get.

I am continuing to experiment to find the best materials for my "Grand Canyon tree" art quilt. I painted some Nutmeg Stewart Gill paint, and also mixed a brown with red and green Setacolor paints. I tried drying a couple pieces with cheesecloth to add a textural design.

That's it! Have a wonderful rest of the week. And Happy Birthday, America!

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Vicki W said...

What a cute kitty. It would be hard to run it off! Cool painting too.