Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wonderful Carolina Spring Weekend

We almost did not get to go to South Carolina to see the grandchildren this weekend. DH busted my bubble before I left school with a Voicemail message that everyone might have strep throat. We decided not to go, and puttered around sadly Friday afternoon. Then DS called back and said Avery was crying because we were not coming. That's all it took for this grandma to pack up the car and head for Hartsville. So much fun packed into one weekend!

We decorated the driveway with sidewalk chalk.

Avery was excited about his birthday presents.

Avery got a little better at steering his Gator after running into a few trees.

The children were getting along better this time.

Lily was a daredevil, riding "no hands" and snapping her fingers Fred Flintstone style.

Avery worked hard "cutting the grass."

Lily did a little plowing.

I had the kids for about an hour by myself, and Avery asked angelically to brush his teeth. What he really wanted was to smear blue toothpaste all over his face...

Aside from that little incident, he demonstrated his engineering skills by putting together his new 48-piece puzzle by himself!

It was a beautiful, cool Spring weekend. Thanks for having the old folks down for the weekend!

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Cathie said...

Let me know when your symptoms begin and I'll bring you over some soup!!! What a good grandma.