Thursday, February 19, 2015

Crazy Scrappy Quilt Blocks

I have been randomly piecing fabric scraps together to make 81/2" quilt squares for children's quilts.  I keep a basket under my sewing machine table, and throw in trimmings, orphan blocks, ones that did not turn out to be the right size, etc.  Most are bright pastels.

I have made enough for a little girl's quilt, and am auditioning how to set them.

Here they are lying on top of a bright turquoise hummingbird fabric.  I think they get lost.

Here they are just butting up against each other with no fabric in between.  Too busy.

How about on a light dotted background?  Not enough contrast.

If contrast is needed, how about black?  I love the dramatic look of the bright blocks against the black, but don't want to use black for a little girl's quilt.

Black with the turquoise outer border?  Maybe, with a less "in your face" black fabric, or a dark green or blue.

Still have not decided, so I contacted her grandmother to find out her favorite color and her bedroom color.  But I have ordered the backing fabric, which has bright pastel birdies.  I decided to go with flannel for the three kids' quilts I am constructing.

For two brothers, I have made lots more of the scrappy quilt blocks.  This time I have added more darks, and I like them all set together with no sashing.

It is really fun to do this kind of piecing.  No measuring until you trim the final blocks.  Lines can be straight or not.  I added in a few big pieces of fabric like the frog print.  I have ordered two different froggy flannel prints for the backings.

The weather here in Central North Carolina is bitter cold.  So we are heading to the North Carolina mountains this weekend, where it is even colder!  If the weather cooperates, my brother and sister-in-law from Boone will come over to pick up the double wedding ring quilt.

Here is a picture my sister sent of the creek, dam, and road where we are heading. BRRRR!

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Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Love your scrappy blocks. The black sashing shows them off.