Tuesday, February 24, 2015

21 Day Art Journaling Challenge

I joined a group on Facebook called the 21 Day Art Journaling Challenge.  Each day there is a theme or prompt.  Day 1 is to journal about a day in your life.  Since I am lucky enough to be retired, I chose one of my happy bright backgrounds from last weekend, and drew a tree over it with text describing the things that I like to do.

Life is good!

Another snow day...this time in Raleigh!  It sneaked up on us without much warning.  Instead of babysitting for my little ray of sunshine, I stayed home and watched the birds when I wasn't playing with paints.  The owl was in his usual post.  He did not seem one bit perturbed by the snow, which has fallen all day.

I usually don't have much luck attracting bluebirds to my feeders, but I guess the snow forced them out of their comfort zone.  There were four hanging around the back price feeders.

Hope you are safe and warm wherever you are today.

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