Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Toy...A Sewing Machine for the Cabin

When our mountain place consisted of a cozy one-room apartment over a two-car garage, space was at a premium.  I had a tiny Janome Mini sewing machine for my occasional sewing needs up there.  It sewed a perfect stitch and I made several quilt tops with it. was SLOW SLOW SLOW.  I asked Santa for a machine that was still small, lightweight, and economical, but much more efficient.

He came through for me with this lovely new machine!  It's a Brother CS6000i.

It is a computerized model with 61 stitches.  It also comes with a carrying case, extended table, and quite a few different feet.  They did not include a quarter-inch foot, but I discovered when looking at the manual (gasp!) that there is a built-in stitch that is a quarter-inch when lined up with the regular presser foot.

I did not get to play with it while we were in the mountains for Christmas, but New Year's weekend we went back up.  I not only fired it up and played a little, but got two of my grands involved!

Lily and Caden love to play with my bright fabric scraps.  We started out just sewing some scraps together.

Lily decided she wanted to make a little tote bag for her Disney princess toy.  Very little!

Caden decided for his first project to make a "California King" quilt for one of his "little people" toys.

He generally gets tired of a project after about fifteen minutes, but he learned to use the machine!

I am trying to get a few projects cut out so that I can do some sewing up there the next time we are there with no company.

It has been a gloomy gray week, and this morning there is freezing rain making the roads quite treacherous.  I don't have to go anywhere.  A good day to work on my projects!  But to brighten up the day, here is my other granddaughter, Charlie, at my house on Monday.  Not sure which is brighter...her outfit, my quilt, or her beautiful smile!

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