Monday, October 20, 2014

Meet the Neighbors

We have been going to the mountains every weekend this fall, with just one more to go before a little break.  We have a family compound in the North Carolina high country.  My sister and her husband live across the pond from us, and have a little farm in their back yard.

I took some close-ups of some of neighbors.  Introducing:

Buckwheat, the newly acquired miniature donkey.  He looks just like Donkey in the Shrek movies.  He came from a niece's house, where this amorous little guy was optimistically harassing their female horses.  He now has been moved to a large fenced-in hilly pasture with some little bull calves.  He seems happy there.

The Calves:  

My brother-in-law lived and worked on dairy farms for most of his life, and I think he has missed having some Holsteins around.  They now have three in the field and two smaller ones still in what I call the "play pen" with the goats and assorted chickens and playground equipment.


The Goats:  They started with a Billy and two Nannies.


Here's the old man, Billy.  He now has fathered three kids and is quite a grump.

But how could you not love a little face like this?


Aww, shucks!

 Hi, Neighbor!

There are numerous chickens, both roosters and hens, some of them banties.  My sister has raised quite a few from eggs, using an incubator.


It's a lot of fun to take the grandkids over there and let them see all the animals.  There are some fluffy white rabbits, not to mention the dogs Fred and Daisy.  Fred is sixteen years old and looking it.  In his day, he was very handsome and super smart.  Daisy is not much more than a puppy.  She can run all day and loves to play.  They both spend a lot of time at our place when we are there, hoping for Uncle Charlie to give them a treat.


This past weekend we had our granddaughter Charlie with us, my sister had three of her grands, and our other neighbors Ricky and Mary had two of theirs.  It was fun seeing these cousins playing together.


That's a little look at our family and friends.  The leaves are falling fast in the High Country, but it is still very pretty.

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