Monday, September 29, 2014

Ashe County Piecemakers' Quilt Fair Part 3

Lots going on...last week I went from the mountains to Raleigh to the  beach to the mountains in four days.  I have some nice photos from the beach and the mountains, but will try to catch up on the quilt fair today.

A Mexican Star wall hanging

A nice selection of table runners and home decor quilts

This is a wool table mat.

There were lots of pretty bags.


This was the only garment in the show, a beautiful patchwork jacket.

There were some nice children's quilts, including one that reminded me of my sister's miniaturedonkey, Buckwheat.

There was an amazing art quilt that invited a second or third look to find all the hidden objects in the jungle.  The boys appear to be painted on fabric and appliquéd.  There are also animals such as sloths and parrots.  Very nice job, and it is not curved like it appears to be in this photo.

It was a very enjoyable show, and I spent a couple of hours "making donations" at the vendor mall.  I got some fabric panels and kits as well as a gift for my bee's annual Christmas exchange.  Well done, Ashe County Piecemakers!

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