Friday, May 9, 2014

More Quilts From Art Quilts: Whimsy!

Yesterday I went back to the Page-Walker Arts and History Center in Cary, NC, to take some more photos of the Whimsy! quilts.  The first time I went, I ran out of memory on my phone!  I had a little longer to spend this time.

I do not know musical notation, so I had to read the artist statement by Liz Kuny to understand the musical reference.  I like the very graphic quality of this piece.

The next happy little piece was inspired by the Word Challenge.  It is made by Teresa Wall.

The next piece is a fabric puzzle.  Each piece connects to the others.  I like the complementary colors of blue and orange, which is actually rust-dyed.

Here is another small but exuberant quilt called Break of Dawn by Eileen Kane.

The next quilt is larger, and is by a well-known quilter named Teri Stegmiller.  It is a whole-cloth painted quilt with some delightful quilting.

Next to her quilt in the foyer is Frolicking, by Margarita Korloth.  She uses some paper and recycled materials along with cloth to make her joyful people.

Also in the foyer hangs this piece called Up the Down Staircase.  Her inspiration was Cubism.

Also in the foyer...this interesting quilt that makes you pause for a second...and third...look!  I happen to agree with her title.

A House is Not a Home Without a Dog, by Susan Robbins

Speaking of dogs, I took my own personal pooch to a groomer not far from the quilt exhibit in Cary to get her summer shave.  She has been suffering under her heavy fur coat since summer temperatures finally arrived here in the south.  Not any more!  She does not look too happy in her picture, but I think she will be much more comfortable.

I posted this picture on Facebook, and one of my friends asked if they charged extra for the tail!  Ha!

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