Saturday, February 22, 2014

More Works-in-Progress

When the snow and ice storms hit last week, I rummaged through my bin of unfinished projects to find a project that needed hand-stitching.  It seemed likely that the power might go out.  I worked on the day lilies piece and got a lot of the hand appliqué done.

Before I could get it finished, I developed a problem with cracked skin around my cuticles on my thumbs.  I often get this problem in the winter.  I had to give the hand-stitching a rest, so I dug out yet another UFO and did some machine quilting on my Janome 6600.

It now has all the quilting done and the binding done.  I am thinking of putting this one in the PAQA-South art quilt show with the theme of Whimsy.  Right now it looks like a still life in a Victorian parlor, but I have some embellishments to add which will make it much more humorous.  For a hint, the featured plant is a spider plant...and look at the quilting in the window in the above right.

The backing is a batik with lots of mottled color.  I am getting better at quilting with the Janome, but would much prefer my Gammill.  It is still with its "foster mother" in Clayton.

This weekend we came up to the mountains to check on the progress of our cabin.  It is looking pretty.

There is still a lot to do.  This weekend we had mild weather, and it did not snow at all.  It was a quiet weekend.  I am longing to get into that new cabin.  Our driveway has gotten so muddy that you can't get up it unless you have four-wheel drive.  One of these days it will all get done.

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Cathie said...

THAT quilt is perfect for Whimsy. I can't wait to go see that exhibit.
Love your cabin, Jeanne. Looks like the perfect retreat for two people who have worked hard raising a family and are ready to relax!

We have been going back and forth to Boone and Black Mountain in an attempt to find a property that would be a good fit for our family. Have a few on the burner. We'll see what happens. I