Sunday, July 14, 2013

Quilt Bee News

Today it is sunny and bright outside.  What's up with that?  It has rained so much that I forgot what sunshine looks like!

Back to the meeting of my Anything Art Bee.  I was the only one to have made progress on my flower quilt for our challenge.  We got the sad news that our newest member, Marion, must move back home to Australia because her husband's job here ended due to budget cuts.  Her last meeting with us will be next month.  We sure will miss this talented lady!

Marion has started doing some weaving and incorporating her woven projects into quilts.  I absolutely love this one!

Here are more of her weavings.

She also created a piece of rusted fabric.

And here is a lovely fused flower quilt on a beautiful background.  She created the white flowers using a color remover product, I believe.

Roberta showed us a really unique piece of fabric that she purchased at the recent Sewing and Quilt Expo in Raleigh.  It has her name written all over it with the black and white checks and bright colors.  I believe she said it was a painting that was printed on fabric.

My traditional quilt bee also met recently.  Here is a beautiful quilt made by Marilyn for her grandbaby who will be born in December.  The ocean scene is a fabric panel.

Mary had completed a Christmas table runner.  We all loved it.

And, we got the sad news that we are also losing a member of this group.  Sharon and her husband are moving to Florida next week.  We hope that they will enjoy the change, and the chance to live close to her brother and sister.  Here is a picture of Sharon from one of our meetings at Quilts Like Crazy to make a charity quilt.

The Fourth of July mountain weekend was pretty much a wash-out.  Too much rain!  This is what the dam looked like when we arrived on July 3.  Lots of muddy water.

My daughter-in-law's family had planned to camp in tents in our yard.  Nothing doing.  The lawn was soggy and there were periods of heavy rains.  They spent the first night at a bed and breakfast in town, and left for home the next day.  We spent a lot of time in the shelter by the creek in the area we call The City Park.  Both my granddaughter Charlie and my sister's grandson Lucas were there.  They are going to have so much fun running around together when they get older.

The older children entertained themselves by making a mud slide and doing their best otter imitations.

The weather started improving enough that we could sit by the creek and ride to the top of the mountain at various times.

Little Holly was there, and I gave her the new quilt.  She is an adorable baby, but always getting into something.  Here she decided to climb on her big brother's four-wheeler to eat her potato chip.

That about catches up with what I have been doing.  I am quilting an art quilt for my friend Carolyn on my Janome sewing machine, and it is almost finished.  I will post pictures when it is finished.  It is a sunflower designed by Eileen Sullivan.

I have been going to the dentist a lot this year.  Thursday I was supposed to get the latest of my permanent crowns.  After enduring two-and-a-half hours in the chair, I had to get the temporary crown back on because the permanent one would not fit correctly.  I was not happy!

We rarely go to the movies, but last night we went to see The Heat starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy.  There is a LOT of offensive language flying in that movie, but if you don't mind that, it is very funny.  

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Unknown said...

It looks like the kids still had lots of fun in the mud. We have had Fourth of July's like that too....
I love all the quilts and weaving. I found out about the quilt quild here but I haven't gone yet. It is hard for me to walk in as a stranger. The dumb thing is I know I would probably love it. Maybe after Taylor goes home!