Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Baby Quilt Progress

I've been babysitting the last two days for my little Charlie, but today I came home to my sewing room and finished piecing the blocks for an I Spy Quilt.  I had finished the short sides last time, and had the long sides all organized in order for quick chain piecing.

When you chain-piece, you just sew one block after another without stopping to cut threads.  You end up with a "chain" of attached blocks.  You just sew one side, then start again and sew the other side, before cutting the threads apart.

Then, I pressed both long sides to the outside, and checked to make sure that each block had a "twin" with a matching center.  These seem to be upside down!

Next is the fun part...arranging the blocks in a pleasing placement on the design wall.

Here are some other pictures from the last two days.  First, my grandbaby!


She is full of new tricks, including sitting up, eating solid food, and, oh yes, happily untying my shoes!

It has gotten scorching hot this week, but we are still having heavy rains during thunderstorms.  All this has made the yard extremely green for this time of year.  I took a walk around the house this morning with my camera.

I love the way the sun lights up the woods in places where it can break through the trees.

The swallowtail butterflies are enjoying my flowering shrubs, including abelia, butterfly bush, and crepe myrtle.

Hope you are enjoying life wherever you are!

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Unknown said...

Your grand baby is beautiful of course. Boy, I bet you will miss her when she leaves. After the kids leave I am exhausted but I still miss them!
I love your butterfly pictures. They are so pretty!