Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More Doodles

I got caught up on Week 3 of Traci Bautista's online workshop, "Doodles Unleashed."  It's part of the free online classes from Strathmore.  This week began with writing text in large letters with markers.  Then we made a juicy background painting with acrylics, and added stamps from found objects.  My found objects were a plastic lid and a spool, but I decided to stencil with my favorite fern stencil.  This piece was looking very tropical.  I like the colors and the way it glows!

A bonus activity this week is to fill a sheet of paper with India ink doodles using a paintbrush.  I have tried doodling with India ink and a Speedball pen before

but had not used a paintbrush until the first week's doodle lesson.  So, I made several sheets with various "theme" doodles.

Like my flowers?

How about stars?

A doodled alphabet?



Doodling is lots of fun.  These bold ink paintings will be cut up and used in collages or other mixed media projects.

Next week we will paint a face on the background we prepared.

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