Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fun Family Weekend

From the wintry cold of Boone to a warm, summery weekend at home with our oldest son Bryson and his two children...and two frisky dogs to keep things interesting!  My husband's birthday was Saturday, and we had a grand time.  Mostly we sat in the yard and enjoyed the beautiful weather.  The Yoshino cherries along the driveway decided to blossom out just in time.

I have big red, pink, and white camellias in the back.  They still had a lot of blooms even after Lily picked armfuls of them.

We brought our Gator home from the mountains after Thanksgiving, so the kids were able to have fun with it in the yard.  We'll take it back up there next weekend.

Our living room quickly fills up with puzzles and toys when the kids are here.  I got Lily this flower barrette for her hair in Hawaii.  She looks like a little Hawaiian girl in her sundress.

There was barely room for the dogs to lie on the rug.  Kasey had never, ever wanted to chew a rawhide stick until I gave one to our grand-dog, Roo.

The dogs had a great time running around the yard, until they disgraced themselves this morning.  They both wallowed in the mud in the creek, and then ran off down the creek, getting all the dogs in the neighborhood barking. 

Here is Kasey before:

and After:

Roo was no better.  He is much easier to wash, however!

So, Bryson and the kids have gone back to South Carolina.  We should see them again in the mountains in two weeks for opening day of trout fishing season.

The dogs are washed and all that's left outside are a few Lily-tracks.

We did some artwork.  I painted Lily's portrait

and Lily painted mine.

Now Mack-Mack is asleep in the recliner and I think I may also sneak in a little nap!

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Quilter422 said...

sounds like a fabulous weekend!