Thursday, July 24, 2008

Change of Plans

Yesterday was a catch-up day for me, meaning I got very little done but caught up on my old lifestyle of lolling around without a couple of young'uns to care for. In the afternoon, we had a tremendous thunderstorm, ending up with an inch of rain. I headed to the porch to sit in a rocker and enjoy the coolness, when I hastily beat a retreat inside. The lightning struck just a bit too close! I took this picture of the lonely, abandoned baby stroller through my glass storm door.

Today, I vowed to do better, and was planning to oil up the Gammill and do some quilting. But after walking Maggy the Mutt, I had a rapid change of plans. The storms must have chased off our heat wave, because it felt refreshing and delightful outside. When we have a day in late July without humidity here in North Carolina, we must take advantage of it! Heading out now to the garden for some weeding.

Like this squirrel seen jumping out of the old squirrel-proof bird feeder (yup, he actually got inside the glass)...I'm outa here!

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