Monday, February 9, 2015

A Little Painting, A Little Sewing...

I have been keeping busy with family, babysitting, trips to the mountain cabin, and of course my hobbies.  The cold mountain weather kept me indoors most of the time.  I did several watercolor paintings, all from Tom Lynch's book Watercolor Secrets, which I received for Christmas.

I actually have three of his books and a couple of his DVD's.  I have taken two classes from him in person at Art of the Carolinas.  

I made a stab at painting Monet's Door, the cover photo of the Secrets book.  This painting is not quite finished.

I also tried my hand at a creek scene from his book.  I like the different color scheme of the lavenders and golds.  I liked this one well enough to take it to the framers' last week.

I also have a book of landscape exercises by another of my favorite teachers, Tom Jones.  

I have done several of the painting projects in this book.  I am almost finished with this one.  It actually had two boulders instead of the deer, but I did not want to paint the big rocks.  My nephew Donnie wants this one when it is finished.

I also have a new book by Tracey Verdugo called Paint Mojo.  

This one is about making mixed media art, mostly using acrylic paints.  I worked on one of the first lessons about making marks and personal symbols.  I created some easy stamps from a foam food package that I etched with a ball point pen. 

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