Monday, March 24, 2014

Family Weekend

This weekend we had a reprieve from winter weather, and beautiful spring temperatures.  Just in time for a gathering of my relatives for a memorial service for my aunt, Cornelia Willoughby Turner Loftus- better known as "Billie."

Billie died in October after several years of declining health.  She has been a part of my life as long as I can remember.  Her three children invited the family and close friends to a "Celebration of Life" in Cary, NC, on Saturday.  All five of my brothers and my sister attended, as well as many cousins from Alaska to Virginia to Florida.

Billie and Jeanne were my father's two younger sisters.  Only Jeanne is left now.  I was named for her.  We have a lot in common besides our names.  We are both tall, blond, quilting watercolorists!

My sister and two of my brothers stayed at my house.  We had a great visit.  Jeff and John are both accomplished guitar players and singers, and we had many hours of entertainment later Saturday night.

When I was waiting for my brother Jeff at the airport, I took some photos of the cherry trees in bloom.  Such a beautiful day with blue skies and warm temps.

And here is another welcome sign of spring...just look at our little granddaughter Charlotte!

After this little teaser of spring, we are supposed to have snow again tomorrow.  It does not seem possible!

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