Monday, April 15, 2013

Hello Again

Sometimes bloggers don't post for awhile because they have nothing new to write.

Sometimes it is because they have too darn much new stuff to write about!

We went to our mountain place for Easter weekend.  Beautiful weather for being outside almost all the time, although it was still chilly.  The distant mountain peaks were still covered with snow.

On Easter Monday, my art quilt bee met at Peg's house.  I returned the last of the round-robin fabric challenge pieces, which belongs to Marion.  Hers ended up being in four distinct "layers."  In fact, if she cut it up and sewed it back together in different order, it would almost look like worms under the ground!
I did not touch the button-dot candy section.  The bottom section had been yellow swirls.  I decided to use it as a background layer for some ferny greenery.  Using both positive and negative stamps and stencils, I applied the designs with Setacolor Paints.  Since all the other sections had circle designs, I added some green dots with acrylic paint on bubble wrap.
The other layers looked like little one-celled organisms like spirochetes, so I added some Lumiere shiny paint and some Zentangle-like doodles.

Toni had already added some buttons to the upper sections, so I doodled around them.

Peg had already taken her piece of finished fabric,

and made it into two art quilts!


Even the quilt backing was made from her "artsy" fabric.

The next day, I started my new part-time job!  The commute is fairly long (45 minutes), the pay is non-existent, but there are good perks.  I get to wear shorts, bring my dog and my latest novel to work, and play with this all day!
I am babysitting for Baby Charlie on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  I am having such a good time with her!
The Whacky Ladies met on Thursday night last week.  Here are a few pictures from our meeting.
Carolyn is making great progress on her batik sampler Block-of-the-Month from Wish Upon a Quilt.  She is using a Sharyn Craig setting for the blocks.
Irene had a gorgeous blue and yellow Yellow Brick Road top to show.
Mary finished the batik quilt that she was concerned about the fabric in the sashing last time.  We all thought it turned out great.
Mary also had a quilt that she made for one of her grandsons.
Donna made two quilted versions of the Challenge Quilt for the Carolina Longarm Association's next show.  She quilted the first one in radiating rays.
The second one had very decorative feathers and swirls in a contrasting red thread.
Marilyn finished the Christmas table runner that she has been working on at our meetings.
I got to show off my finished quilt for Baby Charlie.  I named it Mermaid Lagoon.
I also had great-nephew Lucas's quilt, which I have named Monkey Business.  I still have to hand stitch the binding on the back.
Okay, I hope that is enough quilty stuff to get me caught up!  We just got back Sunday from a family weekend at the beach, and I have some beautiful pictures to show off. 

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