Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Beach Weekend

We took a long weekend starting on Thursday to celebrate a whole bunch of family birthdays at Sunset Beach, NC.  Our son, Bryson;  his son, Avery; our daughter-in-law, Emily; and her mother, Maribeth.  The weather cooperated and we spent each day out on the beach.

After arriving late Thursday afternoon, we let the kids go down to the beach in their clothes with the admonition, "Just don't get wet."  Yeah, right!

Friday was supposed to be a wash-out, but the rain ended early in the morning.  It was windy but so nice to be on the beach.
Notice we had both our dog, Kasey, and Dave's dog Roo on the beach with us.  In the summer, they cannot be on the strand during the day.  We got Kasey's hair cut the day before we left just in case it was hot.

This was our granddaughter Charlie's first beach trip.  I think she liked it!
The condo we rented was ocean-front, but there is a large buffer of dunes and scrub trees between the houses and the beach.  We were startled to see this deer right on the sand dunes in front of our place.
I got up early on Sunday morning to walk the dog and take some pictures of the sunrise.
Sure hated to leave on Sunday morning.  We are lucky to go back to Sunset Beach every summer for a week of vacation with our family.  This was a good preview!

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