Monday, January 21, 2013

Painted Papers

After I finished the last two watercolor paintings, I just wanted to have some fun in the studio and do some easy splashing around of color.  I am working on pages for a watercolor paper journal and a Trash-to-Treasure journal.  The last is inspired by the book Stash and Smash by Cindy Shepherd.

It is really fun to take magazine pages and junk mail and turn them into colorful journal pages.

Mostly I use watered-down acrylic paints and just spread it on the page to cover any parts I don't want.  Sometimes I like to leave some of the pictures or text visible. 

It's also fun to collage some napkins or tissue paper on top of the painted papers.

We had a big family gathering last weekend.  All of our kids and grandkids came to visit.  It was the first time Bryson and Melissa's children had met their new cousin Charlotte.  Here are my two granddaughters.

And here is the whole family (including our dogs) gathered on our front porch.

For some reason, it seems very quiet around the house today!

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