Monday, January 7, 2013

I Actually Made Something

After spending most of Friday and Saturday at the hospital visiting Dave, Emily, and Baby Charlotte, I went upstairs to my studio on Sunday afternoon.  I had a big Rubbermaid container labeled "Art Supplies" that I brought home from my father's studio in the mountains.   It had not been unpacked since Katy and Kenny moved up there with Dad this fall.

One of the discoveries was a lumpy object wrapped up like a mummy in toilet paper.  The unveiling revealed a very nice hands-free magnifying glass.

It has a cord that goes around your neck, and you prop the base on your chest.  I realized that wrapping it in something would be necessary not only to protect it, but to keep my house from burning down if the sunlight hit the big lens.  

I decided to search through my stash of painted, quilted fabric and make a pouch.

I used samples and scraps of fabric painting experiments, such as the Shiva Paintstiks rubbing, some foiled fabric,

and some fabric stenciled with Setacolor paints. 

With the cord pulled out and the tab closed, I can hang it on the wall on a pegboard that formerly housed rotary cutters.  I decided not to have those hanging on the wall when buyers were walking through my house!

And when it was finished, I realized that I could have just used this.  I happen to have a lot of these bags ...which come with a certain brand of bourbon!

There is a lot more of my dad's stuff to go through and set up in my studio.   I might have to do some online research to figure out the purpose of some of the objects I have inherited.  

Today I went to Cary for my art quilt bee.  I'll post pics from that next time...but before leaving Cary I stopped by to see my new grand baby, who came home yesterday.  Here is her 3-Day Old picture.  I believe she was smiling!

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