Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Surface Design Round Robin: Round 1

I completed Round One today of the Surface Design Round Robin for the Anything Art quilt bee. 

I received Toni's yard of plain white fabric.  I decided to do sun printing in a rainbow of colors.  Here is the final piece.

I used Lemon Yellow, Buttercup, Fuchsia, and Cobalt Blue Pebeo Setacolor Transparent paints.  You wet the fabric, dilute the paints with water, and apply them to the fabric with a sponge brush. 

The fun begins when you add objects to "print" on to the fabric, and set it all in the sun to dry.  I added more paint around the objects, such as leaves, flowers, and stencils.

After it dried, I added more colors to areas that were not vibrant.  I tried to print again, but noticed that the wet paint on the dried, heat set paint did not allow the sun printing to occur.

I love the look of this fabric.  I wonder what the next four or five participants will do to it!

Tomorrow we will meet, and I am passing along my yard of white fabric to Marion.  I made a journal for the participants to record their processes or comments.

The cover is made from a piece of fabric paper that I made some time ago.  Fabric paper is muslin that you coat with diluted white glue and collage with various tissues or papers.  On this one, I stitched the word "JOY" in zigzag on the sewing machine.
Here is the inside back cover.  It is a piece of painted paper.  I keep a Rubbermaid box of painted papers and paper towels.  I made a bookmark, too.
Here is the back cover.
After I finished painting Toni's fabric, I had several new painted paper towels and pieces of muslin that I used as wipe or mop cloths.

These will come in handy for another project some day.

Today I braved the cold, gloomy weather to vote.  I had to wait outside for about fifteen minutes.  A little boy was accompanying his mother to the polls, and obviously had been told that they were voting for the President.  He started to walk in the doors, but his mother directed him to go the end of the line with her.  He said, "But I want to go in there and meet the President!"

I appreciate living in a free country where we have the opportunity to vote!

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