Monday, November 26, 2012

Back to Real Life

I can't believe my trip to Florida is over already.  And it's gotten so cold here!  Katy and I enjoyed trips to the beach, first with our niece Laura, and then with my brother Jeff.

Sanibel Island was my favorite.  We walked on the beach and looked for shells.  They were not hard to find.
The Gulf was extremely calm and serene.
We drove through the Ding Darling Nature Reserve on Sanibel.  The white pelicans were visiting.  I had only seen the more common brown ones on our North Carolina beaches.
Ft. Myers Beach was much more commercial, but very colorful.  I like the multicolored buildings.
We also really enjoyed sitting on my brother's back deck and watching the birds around the lake.  There were lots of ducks, but also a bald eagle.  Once we saw an otter as big as my dog.
My father tolerated the trip very well, and enjoyed being with us in the warmer climate of Florida.
For Thanksgiving, my brother grilled a turkey, and we all made side dishes and desserts.  It was a wonderful family holiday.  My niece has painted all the interior doors in the family home, and one of them is a Gratitude Tree. 
We all wrote what we are thankful for on a leaf, and taped it to the tree.
But I missed my husband and my dog, and am thankful that we are all together again!

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