Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mountain Fun, Then Back to Work

Last Thursday, we headed up to the North Carolina mountains for a long weekend with our son Bryson's family.  It was their last chance to come up on a Thursday before the kids start back to school.  For me it was a welcome respite from painting the upstairs of our house.
The weather was good, and we enjoyed lots of time on the Gator, four-wheeler, and by the creek.

Our new grandson, Caden, just had a birthday and had to have an N.C.State football jersey to truly belong to this family!

My sister's family was also up there.  Here is her newest grandbaby, Holly, also rocking the Wolfpack gear!

After Bryson's family left on Sunday, Charlie and I took a ride on the Gator to the top of the mountain.  It was sunny on our side, but look what was going on across the valley at 2:00 in the afternoon!

The skies were very ominous, so we did the skee-daddle out of there. 

Have you been enjoying the London Olympics?  We have been so impressed by all the dedicated athletes and their amazing feats.  So many highs and lows as they meet their goals or end in disappointment after years of practice.  Kudos to all of them who made it to the Games.

Once home, it was back to work, this time in our dining room.  I decided to get rid of the wallpaper border that was under the chair rail.  I still like it, but it could be a deterrent for a possible home buyer that did not like the flowers or the color scheme.

It is very hard work removing wallpaper.  I made it my personal Olympic quest to see how long a strip I could tear.  Not very long.  There was much shredding of paper.  But I got'er done!  Also got everything ready to paint the walls tomorrow.  Lots of spackling, sanding, yada yada yada.

This weekend we are heading to a different part of the mountains for a McBrayer family pool party at my brother-in-law Richard's house.  Next Monday I am going to visit the Page-Walker House in Cary for a quilt exhibit, and later will do some baby fabric shopping with my daughter-in-law Emily and her mother  They have chosen a mermaid theme for the nursery.  Wonder why?

That was Emily in her college days, with the quilt I made for her 21st birthday.  Can't wait for the little mermaid to arrive in December!

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