Monday, March 19, 2012

More Artsy Quilts

Back to the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival photos...

The first is from a special exhibit titled Consequences, by the Textile Artists of Virginia.

Gauntlet, by Judy Loope

The eagle's face seems to be flying out of the quilt in dramatic fashion.

The next one is quite different than any quilt I have seen before.  The dark marks represent the imprints of her sons' ears on her body while she was holding and nurturing them.

Imprinted (My Baby Sons' Ears)

Here is another undersea scene, humorously named No Maintenance Aquarium IV, by Marjan Kluepfel

No Maintenance Aquarium IV, by Marjan Kluepfel

As I mentioned in a previous post, uniquely-shaped quilts are quite eye-catching.  This one has is mounted impressively.  It has many embellishments, including what appears to be a miniature dress form, floral branches, and ballet shoes.

Within...Dimensions, Catherine Etter

I thought the next one was a lovely piece.

Beach Blues, by Eileen Williams

I was very attracted by a Canine Companion who was working the show.  Such a well-behaved, patient dog, who looks a lot like my Kasey.  Much better trained, however!

There was a huge selection of vendors at the show, and their tables were mixed in with the quilt exhibits.  I waited until the last hour or so before our departure, and then gave in to the delights of shopping for fibers and fabrics.

It was a great quilt show and trade show, as well.  Highly recommend!

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Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

what a fantastic show thanks for sharing :)