Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pretty Spring Quilt

Finished quilting Marge's beautiful top.  It is rendered in springlike colors of white, green, and purple, with a luscious border of roses.

It looks like windowpanes, especially pictured just below my windowpanes!

She wanted an overall design, so I did leaves and flowers in a yellow-green Signature thread called "Pear Green."  Marge was almost as pleased with the back  as the top.

I had a lot of trouble with the tension on this project.  Sometimes that just happens, but this one might have been caused by a perfect storm of tone-on-tone backing that was not pre-washed, tightly woven white cotton on the front, a somewhat scratchy batting, and perhaps that color of thread.  Places on the back looked like they were "flat-lining."  In other words, the bobbin thread was just kind of lying there, not pulled in to the center of the quilt by the top thread.

Lots of picking and re-sewing later, it turned out pretty nice.

Here are some more  photos from yesterday's walk.  Wouldn't this quilt look great on display by any of these spring landscapes? 


Vicki W said...

I'm working on a quilt now that has a tone-on-tone white as one of the fabrics. I am getting the weirdest stitches in the white parts. I'm counting on the washed Warm and White batting to draw it up enough to "fix" the wonky stitches.

Unknown said...

I am using the exact same colors for some things for my daughters birthday. I love purple and green together....especially florals with stripes or dots. So Pretty!

Unknown said...

love that quilt, so springy

T.K. said...


Came across a pic of your new Spring quilt (purple/lavender rose border). Fabulous work! I have been looking for something similar to the border fabric you used for quite some time now. Do you have any more of it or know where I might pick up 2-3 yards? Thanks...and keep up the gorgeous work.

A fellow creator (costumes)
T.K. Ammons