Thursday, January 12, 2012

What a difference a day makes!  Today was warm and sunny.  We did a couple of laps around Forgotten Pond, which was all sparkly in the sunlight.  Love the reflections of the puffy clouds!

Today's re-organization chore was our way-too-small pantry in the kitchen.  Most of the time, you have to push the door shut with your foot, and pray it will close.  Much better now!

I went back to yesterday's Strathmore Online Workshop project for Week 2.  Here is my watercolor painting with lots of scribbles and marks made with ink, watercolor pencils, and water-soluble crayons.

I kind of preferred the way it looked before all the scribbling when the colors were more clear.  But, this is supposed to be cut into smaller pieces and used for other projects.  So, let's see what it might look like in small sections.

Now I wish I had left more white space!

One of the workshop participants made a color photocopy of her Week 1 piece and used it to make journals, note cards, and tags.  Visit Roben-Marie's blog, Every Life Has a Story, to see her video and samples of what she made with her Doodles painting.

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