Monday, January 2, 2012

Let There Be Light

Today's project:  replace cheap ugly dining room chandelier.  The main thing I hated is that those metal rings at the base of the lamps will never stay seated around the base.

When we bought the house, we got to select most of the fixtures and flooring, but the builder had a budget allowance.  We went way over on some things, like a leaded glass door and a larger deck and a finished attic.  But you have to stop at some point before you upgrade yourself right out of your price range.

So, seventeen years later, here is the new dining room light fixture, installed by my own personal electrician (Charlie.)

I also cleaned the oven and re-arranged my kitchen drawers.  Yikes!  Who is this stranger who has inhabited my body?

I did finish stitching the handwork on one of my Pamela Allen workshop projects from the last class.  I need to machine-applique the face, and then I'll show it to you prior to machine-quilting.  It's the color study of the Mary Cassatt portrait.  Here it is before stitching.


Katie said...

It must be a new year thing. We've been patching, cleaning and sorting the holiday away. But I don't have a new chandelier and boy do I need one!

Quilter422 said...

i spent the last week cleaning out my office/craft room and the closet to it. organizing must be in the water!

love the cassat!