Monday, December 5, 2011

December Anything Art!

What a nice day with the Anything Art Bee!  For the third year in a row, we held our December meeting at Ruth-Ellen's home.  Potato latkes were once again on the menu, along with some great salads, kugel, and desserts.

Here are the needle-felted bookmarks that I made for this group- not at all Christmasy!  I found a piece of water-soluble fabric that I had already made to look like sea and sky.  I decided to make it larger and cut it up for bookmarks.  Since it was on the water-soluble base, I also had to do some stitching or it would all fall apart when I washed out the base.

I added a little Angelina for sparkle.  The edges are zigzagged with turquoise thread.

The backs are watercolor paper painted to match.  One is stamped, as well.

We had fun talking about our classes at Art of the Carolinas.  Ruth-Ellen had her Colorful Boats painting from a Karlyn Holman class, and her art journal begun in a workshop with Suzanne McNeill.

I had one of my class paintings framed and brought it with me, but can't show it yet!  (Surprise!) 

Roberta did a demo at AOC on making brooches from paper slide frames, and gave us each one.  Super cute!

Mine has a rose made of text.  Some of the others had a dangling bead.

We had some more great show and tell and lots of time to visit.  Next month we will meet at my house for a review of some of the art quilt techniques I have learned in my Pamela Allen online workshops.

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Anonymous said...

It was a fun day! We had a lot of show and tell and lots of food. And time to chat about being creative. Looking forward to January. There are a few quilts I would love to bid on...