Friday, December 9, 2011

Candlewicking Quilt is Done!

All finished...this beautiful embroidered quilt with Debbie L's candlewicking blocks.  I quilted and finished it for her.  I am so pleased with the sculptured look of the quilt!

I started off being very timid about quilting inside the embroidered areas, but then I saw how the background quilting made them pop.  After that I plunged right in had fun coming up with a different design for each embroidered square.

All of the sashings are a leafy vine.  The backing and binding fabrics are the same paisley print.

I must say, the backing looks about 1000% better than the pre-quilted backing that the top had been attached to  before.  It looks pretty enough to stand on its own.

I am excited that my family is coming to my house this weekend for a family Christmas dinner.  We all have grown kids and most have grandkids, and it is too hard to expect everyone to travel on Christmas Day.  Charlie and I have been bustling around for the past two weeks getting ready.  I will have some pictures to show on Monday, I am sure!


Katie said...

Wow. Isn't that gorgeous!

Unknown said...

beautiful job.....