Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Colorful Valentine

With all the art journaling I have done over the past year, is it any wonder that my Valentine for Charlie looks like a journal page?

This was done mostly in felt-tip pen. The moon and stars are painted with silver Lumiere paint. I splattered some drops from the brush across the sky in addition to the larger heavenly bodies.

One of the adventures we have booked for our upcoming trip to Hawaii is a trip up the Mauna Kea volcano.  We will see the sunset from the top (altitude 14,000 feet), and then descend to a less chilly elevation to watch the stars with telescopes.  The company will provide parkas and gloves for the trip to the top so we don't have to drag our winter gear to Paradise.

I have actually started packing and organizing already- most unusual activity for me.  I am getting so psyched!


Connie said...

This is so sweet!!! Thanks for playing along!

BIG Hugs!

Yvonne said...

oh what a lovely picture!

Connie said...


Tracie said...

Woooohoooooo! You won my giveaway on "Art Journal Love" with Dirty Footprints Studio!! Yahoo! Please send me the address you'd like me to mail your prize (it's the Sabrina Ward Harrison for Papaya journal). You're gonna love it! Send the address to me at mybloominglife@gmail.com