Thursday, February 10, 2011


Yesterday it was Part 1 of Lesson One in my Pamela Allen online art quilt class. In Part 1 we selected an artwork and attempted to translate it into fabrics.  I loved this exercise!

In Part 2, we take the same fabrics and make an abstract composition with the colors in different placements and proportions.  This was harder than I expected!  I ended up with this.

Since the original had a vast white background and a dominant blue shape, I used only a tiny snippet of white and a small piece of navy as an accent.

Abstract art is the opposite of representational.  It's not supposed to look like anything real.  I kept seeing objects as I moved my shapes around.  Oh, well, the next exercise will be a still life or landscape or something that is supposed to be representational.

One of the members of my Anything Art bee, Ruth-Ellen Flanagan,  is an excellent photographer who participates in a 365-day photo challenge.  Theme #10 was Art.  Guess what she chose for her subject matter?

Yup, that's my kitchen table full of watercolor supplies behind the beautiful beginnings of her first watercolor painting.  She even featured Yours Truly on her blog post about our art day.

And, yes it did snow last night.  This morning it is quite pretty, and the sun will soon be melting away the dusting of snow.

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Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

What a great class to take with Pamela Allen! Your piece is looking great!