Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Emily!

Happy Birthday to DDIL Emily!  This is my favorite picture of her.  She is our own personal family mermaid.  I made the little wall quilt for her back when she was still in college, not even engaged to Dave yet.  Oh, yes, Mama wasn't going to let this one get away!  We are going out to dinner tonight in downtown Raleigh to a place called The Pit.  They assure us it is wonderful, despite the name! 

I left my Subaru at the body shop today.  They are guessing about $2200 for the damages, but when they disassemble it, they will be able to tell if there was more structural damage underneath.  They definitely did not want me to drive it home, so I was given a ride with a wonderful gentleman from Wales.  I told him about the Rhys Bowen novels that I enjoy about the constable named Evan Evans in a small Welsh village.  Turns out that this man's father was a constable in a small Welsh village and his last name is Rhys.  A very enjoyable ride home!

I think I finally finished the yellow quilt that has been off and on the machine for weeks between all my family obligations.  Every time I take it off, I find another place I am not happy with.  Green thread on an ivory back does not give any room for errors!  Thank goodness for the zippers on my leaders.  Pictures tomorrow!

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what a fun makes me smile!