Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Few Things Quilty and Artsy

This past weekend we traveled again to our cabin in the mountains of North Carolina.  What a wonderful  time we had!  It was so pretty except for some thunderstorms bringing much-needed rain on Saturday night.

On Saturday morning we traveled to West Jefferson or our groceries and other errands.  We stopped at the Ashe County Farmer's Market, where the first thing I noticed was the attractive quilt block at the peak of the roof.

There was a lady selling these inside, along with lots of other dealers with candles, soap, jellies, homemade bread, and plants.  One lady had a table piled with these tied quilts.

And here are some carved hiking sticks.

One think I like about West Jefferson is all the public artwork on display.  Quite a few of the old brick storefronts have painted murals, like this one of the New River.

You might not notice at first that this entire wall is made of bricks, not rocks.  The entire scene is painted, including the old car and doorway.  Very clever!

I liked seeing this line of cows, all at the very top of one of those high hillside pastures.

The wildflowers have dotted this field with gold and white.

This afternoon we went on a Gator tour of the other side of the mountain, where there is a huge project to reclaim the "sulphur flats" that resulted from the old copper mine at Ore Knob.  It used to be a smelly mess of yellow water and powdery sulphur.  They have been covering it with crushed rock and topsoil, and creating drainage areas filtered with rock, topsoil, and grass.  I cannot believe how nice it looks already, and the water channeling down between the rocks is crystal clear.

 As we left the mountains, the clouds were rolling over the hillsides, creating waves of sunlight and shadows.

Hated to leave, once again!

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