Thursday, April 22, 2010

Another Finished Quilt, and a Nature Walk

Today I finished the last of the four quilts that Teresa brought for me to quilt.  This one was fun, a patchwork quilt of richly-colored squares. 

The quilting does not show up too well on the top, but it does on the pieced flannel back.

It was so nice outside today that I walked for about forty-five minutes around the neighborhood.  There were some nice azaleas, like this mailbox display with clematis in front...

and a big "snowball" bush beside the driveway.

This Paulownia, also known as the Empress tree, was in bloom.  It is only a few years old, probably grown from a seed carried in a bird dropping, as it just "volunteered."  They say this tree might be the original "Tree of Life."  This tree grows incredibly fast.

The roundabout on my street looks nice with all the pansies in bloom.

When I got to Hidden Pond, I noticed there was a brood of baby goslings swimming among the flock of Canada geese. 

 That made me check my bluebird box when I got home.  Surprise!  Five newborn bluebirds in the nest.  I did not take a picture because the parents were very anxious, swooping down on me.  One of them stays nearby in this pecan tree to keep watch.  Do you see it ?

My own yard looks pretty good.  All of my azaleas are in the back along the edge of the woods.

and the pink weigela bush is coming into bloom.  It is huge, maybe ten feet in diameter.  Here are some of the blossoms.


Cathie said...

Look at all of this beauty. All of these flowers must inspire you to get out some of those floral fabrics. I just made two tips out to Wish Uoon a Quilt - oh my do they have an amazing selection of batiks and floral prints. Sent Blaise to Quilts Like Crazy to pick up my Janome - that was in for it's anniversary service. Thank goodness I have a spare machine!

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

So beautiful , we have a bit of grass showing but that is all so far :)