Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday Work- finished! Mountain Home

Mountain Home, 12" x 12", 2009

Not a work-in-progress today...a finished project! Yippee, cross one UFO off the list! (For my non-quilting family and friends, a UFO is an Un-Finished Object

This little quilt was last on my blog as a Work-in-Progress on March 31, 2008. I started it as a class project during my first online class with Pamela Allen, called Think Like an Artist. The assignment was to create a personal symbol. Here is a collage of some of the symbol quilts from the class.
Of course, we love our home in the North Carolina mountains, and spend as much time there as possible. The hard part about this quilt was making credible-looking deer. With Pamela's method, everything is cut free-hand with scissors. I had a terrible time getting the deer to look like deer, not poodles! So, each one is patched together from several parts. I used hand-dyed fabric for everything except the black.
This quilt is getting ready to travel: I am sending it to Michigan for the 2009 Breaking Traditions Art Quilt exhibit. The exhibit is a fund-raiser, but the quilts will not be auctioned. There are entry fees and donation fees to raise the money. This year the funds will be used for A Place to Bark, which is an organization seeking homes for abandoned or neglected dogs.

All the quilts are 12" x 12". This year the quilts all represent the theme of "Home." My little symbol project was perfect to finish for this project! I will get it back in a little over a year. Here is the 2008 exhibit for Breaking Traditions.

My quilt is the last one on the right in the third row, Second-Hand Rose. It will be coming home around October after visiting lots of great venues!

Speaking of great venues, I am off this morning for a much anticipated trip to Cary to see the PAQA-South art quilt exhibit, and to my alma mater N.C. State University to see a display of graphic antique quilts. Can't wait!


Vicki W said...

I love Mountain Home!

Carole said...

Jeanne, this is awesome, like a visit with an old friend! Seeing those pieces and remembering our class together, seeing my piece in your collage.
I love your Mountain Home... I remember that under construction.
Thank you for bringing us here.