Monday, November 10, 2008

Another beautiful, sunny, but much colder day. Here are some photos from a neighborhood walk.

The morning sun creates a blaze of light on these yellow trees.

This is a pond at the former end of our street. Nice autumn reflections!

The ducks have been clustering near the spring head where the water enters the pond.
My street looks pretty rustic in this view. There are several vacant lots across from the pond that are preserved as natural areas due to the springs. You can just see my dog Maggy at the bottom.

This is the driveway entrance to the house with the pond. They have about six acres of land, some of it very woodsy.

Went into the "big city" today to get some supplies for my next journal project. I had a 15% off coupon at the Teach Me Store, and got some wonderful Christmas gifts to put away for the grandkids. A nice day!


Judy S. said...

Nice photos, Jeanne. I especially enjoyed your beauty bush picture from a few days ago, as I had just finished posting a similar one on my blog; only we call it beauty berry. I guess they will grow on either side of the map? It seems like the fall colors have been remarkable this year nearly everywhere.

Unknown said...

Wow, the autumn photos are beautiful. Thank you for sharing. You really do have so lovely country where you live!

Stephanie D said...

Gorgeous day, gorgeous pictures!