Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Almost Turkey Time

And here is the only kind of turkey I have prepared for this holiday! This was a quick project, fun to make.

I used this pattern, which was easy to follow.

And would have been a breeze to make, except for a little error on my part. I had it on the Gammill and was at the part I enjoy, basting down the bottom edge of the quilt to finish. And I felt something hard underneath. Huh?

I ran out of backing fabric! I was hitting the pins that attached the backing to the leader.

Now, I always check to make sure my backings are bigger than the quilt top. But I guess I started down too far when I was basting the quilt top.

Yup, I did not know how to baste this turkey. (Groan)

I was able to take it off the machine, cut a strip off the top of the backing, sew it to the bottom, and finish the whole thing in time to watch the grand finale of Dancing With the Stars while I sewed on the binding.

Today I will be picking up my new eyeglasses, and then going out to Cary to see the new home my son Dave and his wife Emily have just bought. I am so happy for them! Their first home. After their apartment burned down last year, I am more than glad that they are out of the apartment complex and into a home. Thankful indeed.

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Feeling Simply Quilty said...

Oh I hate when that happens. I've done the same thing. It's how we learn...a bit frustrating, but, that's it.

I love that pattern.