Monday, July 24, 2017

Ashe County Quilt Show

Surprise!  Here is something "quilty" on my blog!  We are back at home in the North Carolina mountains, and there just happened to be a quilt show in town!  This one was
  Barn Quilts and Beyond, which took place July 21st and 22nd at Westwood Elementary School in West Jefferson.  

There were cheerful quilts hanging on a clothesline in front of the entrance to the school.


There was an inviting vendor's mall, but I mostly skipped over it because I have an entire studio to unpack after our recent move from Raleigh to the mountain cabin.  Today I will share some of the art quilts and art dolls from the "quilt fair," as they termed it.

I tried to identify each of the quilts and their makers from their labels, but as there was no program guide, it was more difficult.   Please let me know if I have misidentified anyone's quilt!

This one is made of batiks using a pattern purchased in Hawaii.  Look for the gecko!
Home in the Aloha, by Barbara Barkley

 Another bright botanical reminded me at once of our stay in Sarasota, with the colorful croton plants in every yard.

Grandmother's Croton, by Jennifer Ley

 Another large single flower was this piece resulting from a retreat with Susan Brubaker Knapp.  I particularly liked the stitching forming the stamens within the flower.

My Passion Flower, by Rheta Kirk

A very nice mountain scene with a swan and gorgeous flowers was one of my favorites.
Swan and Nessie, by Barbara Barkley

A nice homage to the Ashe County rural setting is this nicely done barn, rooster, and sunflower  quilt.

Welcome to the Day!, by Lynda Harris

There was a lovely collection of art dolls on display.  I do not have information about the names or makers of most of them.  Some were quilt show entries and some part of a doll display.  
Woodland Butterfly Guardian, by Irene Bebber.  made using a Patti Medaris Culea fabric doll pattern.
Queen of Anne's Lace, by Irene Bebber, again using a Patti Medaris Culea doll pattern.


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