Thursday, September 15, 2016

Atmospheric Watercolor Practice

In my last post I wrote about discovering Jean Haines work through her book, Atmospheric Watercolors.  I finished several of yesterday's practice projects.

Two washes became some new friends I am calling "Shorty" and "Lefty."


I also finished a practice page of anemones using Jean's guidelines from the book.

One of Jean's recommendations is to start each day painting three loose and juicy washes in different color palettes.  You can come back to these later and make finished paintings.

So, today I did a spring, summer, and autumn wash on small pieces of Arches 140-lb. paper.

Spring Wash- with cellophane and salt

Summer wash with cellophane

Autumn Wash with cellophane manipulation
And for those anxious for more pictures of the new grand are Charlotte and her new sister, Layla!


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