Sunday, March 13, 2016

Home Galleries

The weather has been glorious and spring is well on its way here in Raleigh, North Carolina.  I got the urge to hang some artwork on my walls to liven them up a bit.

I kept finding little quilts and unframed paintings to hang in groups.  

These are the ones at the top of our stairs.

On the sunny golden walls of the kitchen I have bright watercolors and mixed media pieces.

On another kitchen wall I hung some of my grandchildren's paintings as well as some of my own.

Speaking of grandchildren, they were all here this weekend.  We had so much fun playing outside.  We have a pond behind our house that is a very good fishing spot.  All the kids caught one.

We have a large paved driveway that was the scene of hopscotch and chalk artwork.

My son got a new truck, and we gave him a cover for the bed.  The men got that installed yesterday.

And the big box that the cover was in became a slide for the three oldest kids.  I think their ulterior motive was to ride it all the way into the pond!  Fortunately that did not happen.

I love my family and warm spring days!

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