Saturday, May 23, 2015

May Days

 Last weekend we took a trip to South Carolina to see our beautiful older granddaughter, Lily, perform in her dance recital.  We were so proud of her!  She will be nine next month.

Our other son and his wife went to St. Croix for a destination wedding the next week.  We kept their 2-year old daughter Charlotte for a few days.  It was hot, and we enjoyed playing outside with the water hose!

I have gotten a couple more journal pages done for the Facebook journal project.  This prompt was "Name", and I chose to devote my page to my married last name.  The tartan plaid is an approximation of the McBrayer plaid.  It is very hard to draw a complicated plaid.  I found a Celtic-looking font and a knot border that I printed out.  The mandala is one that I drew recently and has nothing to do with the McBrayer clan!

Here is another one for the challenge "Calendar."  I tried to paint my granddaughter Charlotte playing with bubbles out in my yard on one of my babysitting days.  I used watercolor paints and markers along with some tissue collage for the flowers.

This weekend we are back in the mountains for a long Memorial Day weekend.  We have ordered a storage shed built by the Amish to put alongside our driveway.  It will be for the lawn mower, a four-wheeler and Gator, and for lots of the stuff currently in our garage.  I want to clear out the garage so we can actually park our cars in there!

There is a big group of family and friends up here this weekend.  Charlie and I spent the day building a flower bed along our driveway, and planting a rose garden.  Exhausting work, but I anticipate years of pleasure from the beautiful red roses.  Pictures next time!

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