Thursday, June 19, 2014

Last Look at Art Quilt Whimsy! Exhibit

The Art Quilt Whimsy! exhibit at the Page-Walker Art and History Center in Cary, NC, will be taken down after this weekend.  There are still a few quilts that I liked but have not yet featured on my blog.

Whimsical Bayou, by Joan Raciti, appealed to me quite a bit.  I love the colors, the imaginative foliage, and the somewhat abstract "critters" she created.

The circular landscape quilt, Land or Sea?, looks lovely on the wall, and calls to mind my visit to Hawaii a few years ago.

Dreams of Flying was one of two quilts by Denny Webster in which she pictures herself seeing the earth from above.

Line Dancing, by Gerrie Congdon, was one of my favorites, with its glowing colors.

 The next quilt really meets the definition of Whimsy, in my opinion, and reminds me a bit of the colorful art of fabric designer Laurel Burch.

As someone who has attempted to paint realistic portraits, I appreciated the next quilt which has a portrait on fabric.

The next quilt featuring snow falling on the village  includes lots of interesting techniques.  I'm not too crazy about the face and arms on the sun, but do like this one quite a lot.

 The next few pictures are of a city scape done in red and black.

 I love the next one, which would be so fun to create.  It is almost a great big journal quilt recording events in the maker's life.

And, finally, I had to include Pamela's Chix, which refers to my online teacher Pamela Allen.  She jokingly calls her students her chickies.  One of her students made a Pamela-styled quilt in her honor

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