Saturday, April 19, 2014

Busy Days

Sorry for neglecting my blog for awhile!  The days have flown by between moving into the new mountain cabin, driving back and forth to Raleigh, babysitting for my sweet Charlotte two days a week, celebrating two family birthdays, shopping for things we need for the cabin, and everything else.  There has been no new artwork or sewing project to report!

Last weekend we had a cabin full of company as our older son and his family came to visit, as well as our friends Tom and Pauline.  This time Tom got the walkway installed, and it looks great!  Much better than my cardboard boxes laid end-to-end!  There is still some loose sand to continue to work into the cracks between the bricks.

While that project was underway, my brother-in-law's uncle Gary came over with his bulldozer to landscape the rest of the property!  We did not know he was coming.  He worked for two days straight, pushing over scraggly trees and opening up our view to the creek and pond.

He also smoothed out all the holes and trenches from installing the utilities, and expanded our driveway.  Our yard looks at least double the size it once was.

I was a little concerned about the kids playing outside with the bulldozer in action.  It seems they always like to find a hide-away to build their "clubhouse."  This one under the cabin steps was perfect, and kept them out of the path of the dozer!

There was also time for a little fishing in the pond.  For the past several years we have been transporting trout caught in the creek into the pond so the kids have a "catch -and-release" fishing pond.  Some of those trout have gotten very sizable!  Caden hooked a huge one twice, but could not bring it in on his Lightnin' McQueen fishing rod.  I'm the only one that actually caught one, a pretty ten-inch speckled brown trout (caught on the Sponge Bob fishing pole!)

These two little pooches look like Me and Mini-Me.  The little one is my sister's puppy, Daisy.  She says over here with us a lot whenever we come up.  I think she believe that Kasey is her mama.  Kasey says, "Not no way, not no how!"

I took Kasey for her check-up after her mouth surgery and they said she was doing great.  She goes next week for her 8-week check-up following her knee surgery.  I think she is doing fairly well on that leg.  She puts her weight on it some, and we are starting to let her walk the short way from our mountain house to my sister's (just across the pond.)

Meanwhile, back in Raleigh, it is the prettiest time of the year.  The dogwoods and azaleas are in full bloom.  We are lucky to have a beautiful woodsy yard and a pond at our rental house.  There are banks of azaleas all around our driveway.

The dogwoods are beautiful between the deck of the house and the pond.

If only the weather would stay spring-like.  We will have a couple of nice warm days followed by a return to cold, damp weather.  

Here is our little munchkin enjoying one of the warmer days!  She looks like an Easter doll.

Today we are going up on the mountain to dig up some rhododendrons and maybe some flame azalea to transplant to our own little hill.

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