Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Red and White Friendship Blocks

We had a great time in South Carolina.  We met with our builder and contractor and signed on the dotted line to get our new cabin built in the mountains.  We might even be in it by Thanksgiving!  Now I am getting pretty excited!  Charlie's brother Grady lives about ten miles from the cabin company, so we spent the weekend with them, mostly sitting on his back deck and enjoying the refreshing cool weather.

When we got home, there was a wonderful surprise waiting for me.  My Whacky Ladies Bee made me an astonishing gift...a whole box full of red and white sampler blocks!  What a surprise!

Here are some of them laid out on my ottoman.

I have been in the Whacky Ladies since about 1995, but they are all in the northeastern part of Wake County or even Franklin County.  Since they meet at night, that would be a rather long way for me to drive by myself (minimum 45 minutes.)  They decided to surprise me with this wonderful array of red and white blocks.  You may remember the one that Carolyn made and Donna quilted that I was so crazy about.

I think that was their inspiration for the color scheme...not to mention that my college colors are red and white!  Some of the blocks even have fabric featuring the NC State mascot.

This is one of the most unusual.  Carolyn has been taking some block-of-the-month classes for some time now, and has quite a library of unusual block patterns!

This one that Irene made is an exquisite pineapple log cabin.  A perfect choice for a quilt for our new home!

And Donna took a picture of the ladies holding up their blocks, and made it into a quilt block for me!

I was very overcome and also thrilled by this wonderful gift from my quilting friends.  Quilters really are the best!

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