Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Artsy Excursion

Yesterday was a wonderful, inspiring day...and finally I have some quilty things to write about.  I know you are tired of hearing about me peeling off wallpaper and packing boxes!

My art quilt bee, Anything Art, traveled to the Page-Walker house in Cary to view the exhibit Narrative Threads.

  Narrative Threads is a members-only exhibit that offers creative collaborations between quilters and writers with each team of artists displaying unique works that relate to their selected theme. Exhibit closes August 26. For more, call (919) 460-4963.

Our own member, Antoinette Brown, was one of the exhibitors and coordinators of this event. We have been hearing about this project for almost a year, so it was wonderful for the whole group to visit the exhibit together. Toni had two projects herself in the exhibit, as did our former member Margaret Jordan.

One of my favorite pieces was this scene of an old woman knitting in a primitive log cabin, complete with baskets on the shelf and a cozy fire in the hearth.  The knitter's face is hidden behind an unruly mass of white hair, while her dog is curled up by the hearth.

I neglected to get the name of the quilt maker or the writer with whom she collaborated on this one.

Another one I loved was used on the postcard advertising the exhibit.

The Healing, Quilt by Eileen Williams, Text by Donna Carswell

   Each quilt was made to interpret or complement the writing of a collaborating partner.  I found it somewhat difficult to appreciate or even read the accompanying text on most pieces.  Sometimes the font was too small to read, sometimes the text was artistically presented but hard to read on the wall.  I concentrated instead on the quilts.

I loved this very colorful collage of images by Romare Bearden.  The fabric collage is by Nancy Lassiter, and the descriptive text surrounding the images is by Antoinette Brown.

Jammin' with Romare Bearden, Quilt by Nancy Lassiter, Text by Antoinette Brown

I think I will stop there for today.  I have written this post twice, completely losing the images the first time, and having huge computer delays this time.  Don't know if it's my computer or Blogger misbehaving.  More next time!

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