Monday, July 13, 2009

Catching up on everything since Thursday is going to take more than one blog post. I'll start with the Whacky Ladies Bee sew-in at Quilts Like Crazy. We had a pretty good turnout for a summer meeting when several were away on vacation. We decided to make quilts for the charities sponsored by Capital Quilters Guild in Raleigh. We make quilts for senior citizens at rest homes, babies in neo-natal intensive care units, children of parents in child abuse education programs, and several other programs.

Our member Donna is a longarm quilter at the shop. She arranged for us to use the workshop area for sewing and cutting. It was very inspiring to see the beautiful quilts at the shop and all the gorgeous fabric to fondle.

That's Mary working at the end of the table.
Here are Joanne and Jean working at their machines.
Joanne, Carolyn, and Marilyn having fun at work on their quilt projects.In the foreground, you can see the instructions I wrote on pieces of poster board, along with samples of each step. I guess you can tell who was the old elementary school teacher.The shop not only provided us with space and a 15% discount on purchases---they made us lunch! Fabulous!
I was the first to arrive at the shop after Donna, but when I set up my machine, I noticed that I did not pack the power cord to my machine. So, a short trip back home to get it, and then I found out that my foot pedal had died. Bummer! I spent my day cutting up fabric to make kits for Quilts on Wheels. Then, to finish my day on a similar disorganized note, I left my Rowenta travel iron behind when I left.
We left for our mountain place on Thursday afternoon...more to come. I am having trouble manipulating my photographs on Blogger lately. They don't drag and drop easily any more. But we had a fabulous time and I am really tired this morning!


Cathie said...

Looks like you gals had a bunch of fun! (and got a little work done too.)

Christine Thresh said...

I admire your community spirit.