Sunday, April 13, 2008

Slice Quilts and Mountain Trip

Thursday night, a group I belong to called the Cyberbee had its quarterly meeting. We formed back in the nineties when there were not that many people who were using the Internet. We ended up with fifty members. Not that many attend any meeting, but the quarterly meetings have fabulous show-and-tell. Of course, the show-and-tell at Guild is fabulous, too, but you don't get the up-close view and chance to ask questions of the maker.

Five members of Cyberbee are participating in a "Slice Quilt" project. They each selected a picture they would like made into a quilt, and at each quarterly meeting, one of the members gets the slices of their quilt. Here are the ones from Thursday's meeting:

Here are four of the five slices of Cathie's Van Gogh quilt next to the original poster. Aren't they spectacular? Combinations of applique, thread painting, and fabric painting.

Joann received her slices at the last meeting, and has sewn them together.

Dorothy has also sewn her slices together.

After I got home on Friday afternoon, DH and I took off for our little place in the North Carolina mountains. We were thinking it would probably rain all weekend. Happily, it only rained during the night Friday night. We had lovely weather to be outdoors and visit with my sister and brother-in-law and the various nieces and nephews and friends that were there this weekend. I was afraid I might have missed my mountain daffodils since we have not been there in several weeks. However, they were bobbing their lovely golden heads along the driveway and in the little garden I planted by the back door.

Here is a neighbor's horse in a pasture below our property, enjoying the fresh green grass after the night's rain.

Of course, Maggy and I went for a walk looking for photo ops. Here is the pond as seen through a bough of a huge hemlock tree beside our driveway.

And another photo of the pond from the dam, with reflections of the trees starting to bud out.

Here is the creek upstream from our place.

And here is the new bend in the creek, created when the beaver dam broke up during the winter. Maggy is checking out the current before plunking herself in the deeper area.

And finally, here is the new wooden floor that our friends Ricky and Mary installed in the new mountain home they are building. Didn't they do a beautiful job?

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Vicki W said...

The sliced quilts are great! Some day I'm going to participate in one of those. I always love your nature photos!