Monday, April 2, 2018

Little Trees Quilt

I finished my first quilting project of 2018 this week!  I really have not been doing much sewing since we moved to the mountains, but finally I have unpacked everything in the basement studio and uncovered the Gammill longarm.

Little Trees quilt, Jeanne Turner McBrayer

I paper-pieced these trees for another project back in the nineties.  My mother-in-law had painted her kitchen and asked for a wall quilt to go over the breakfast nook.  I bought a pattern and made lots of these little trees and some very nice flying geese blocks.  Then she said, "Never mind, I bought a wreath to go on the wall."  End of project.

Until we rearranged our living room last week.  We got some new furniture and found a place for a nice reproduction wooden ice chest between our recliners.  New problem:  when the cabinet was pulled away from the wall, we discovered this on the back.

So, it was either paint it, decoupage, or cover it up.  I looked in vain for a small quilt already made that would work on the back of the cabinet.  So, I put together the little trees.  

It was gratifying to dust and oil up the Gammill and crank it up with good results after almost a year.  It had to spend a week outside under the front porch last year when they installing the basement floor.  Other than a little dirt on the wheels, it seems to be fine.

If I get tired of looking at little pine trees, I can turn the quilt over use the side with cute little owls.

This week we have our grandsons here for Spring break.  We drove to Charlotte to pick them up.  This weekend their parents will come for the weekend.  It is nice to have them here.  Here they are at our local cafe, waiting for their breakfast to arrive.