Friday, May 26, 2017

Marietta Museum of Art and Whimsy

One week of radiation is past...Charlie is still feeling good.  They switched him to a morning appointment today.  All of the staff got a well-deserved early start to the long holiday weekend.  We went to lunch at Sunnyside Cafe, and then to the Marietta Museum of Art And Whimsy.  

I have been wanting to visit this place since before our first trip to Sarasota.  It was closed for renovations or for the off-season every other time we have been in town.  It closes tomorrow until November, so we took advantage of the longer afternoon to finally tour the museum and gardens.

I can safely say that, next to the beach, this is my favorite place in Sarasota!  There is art everywhere...the walls, the gardens, the parking lot, the restroom, the trees!

Inside, there are some lovely paintings, as well as mobiles, sculptures, and some great wooden benches and tables.

In one of inside galleries, a docent turned off the lights and turned on the laser lights.

More next time!

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