Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Birdies and Trees

A few more blocks for new grand baby Layla's garden quilt...they will have French knots for eyes.  I have a few more to finish that will be facing right.

I am still trying to follow artist Jean Haines' advice and make three watercolor washes every morning using different colors.  Then see if you can make a painting emerge from the luscious pigment that landed on the paper

I did quite a few using paper about 5.5" x 8.5".  I think it is probably more fun for you to see the painting next to the original wash.  I have also edited some of the finished ones down to 4" x 6" so I can use them for greeting cards.

Lavender and green wash
5 x 8 painting

4x 6 cropped final version
Here is another from beginning to final.

Red wash with salt

5 x 8 Tree painting from red wash

Final 4 x 6 Autumn Trees
And here's one more.

Original "autumn" palette wash.  Cellophane was added when it was wet.

Autumn Jewels, 5 x 8, by Jeanne T. McBrayer
I liked the last one and did not crop it down to a smaller size.

It is really fun to do this kind of painting, just playing with color and pigment and water flow and seeing what emerges.  Thank you, Jean Haines!

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